Bringing Every Record Made Back to Life

Records are made to be heard.  Repress your catalog on demand with Discogs and keep the music alive.  Sign up below to get notified about the launch.

How It Works







Search the Discogs database and select the release you would like to repress.

Launch a pre-order or crowdfunding project with QRATES, automatically notify users that have this in their wantlist in the Discogs community and start taking orders.

After we press your records, we can ship them to you or directly to the customers and physical retailers who have pre-ordered copies.

What's QRATES?

Qrates is an on demand crowdfunding platform powering the future of music on vinyl. 

Through our intuitive online platform, QRATES gives artists, labels and brands the tools to design, fund, press, sell, fulfill and distribute their vinyl within minutes to customers and retailers worldwide.

Reimagine your entire catalog with on demand analog music.

Every record ever made, back on vinyl.

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